Quality products require qualified facilities!


United currently operates out of 5 facilities located within a few blocks from each other in Carrollton and Farmers Branch, Texas, with a combined square footage of 420,000. Our facilities are modern and in compliance with the highest standards in the industry, including cGMP.

1541 Champion Drive

This is the primary manufacturing facility and includes the Research and Development Laboratory and main offices with scheduling and procurement. There are 5 drink lines, 6 cosmetic fill lines, and 1 aerosol line, along with drink and cosmetic blending areas.

1515 Champion Drive

This facility houses the powder operation, to include powder compounding, powder filling and the stick pack lines.

1270 Champion Circle

Gel-pack kitting operates out of this facility to include assembly and shipping.  In addition, there is a separate shipping operation for drinks, personal care and powders.

2150 Hutton Drive

Includes fulfillment operations, shipping, temperature controlled storage and packaging storage

13760 Diplomat Drive

This warehouse location is a support center, storing all packaging materials for use at the production facilities.

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