Blending & Filling


Stainless steel kettles range from 1,000 to 5,000 gallons with various sizes in between to accommodate various liquid batch sizes. The kettles feed 5 different liquid fill lines.

Propeller agitation, homogenization, and recirculation are standard in the blending tanks.

Computerized rapid heat / rapid cool liquid pasteurization system can heat and cool to customer formulation specifications.

The water used during manufacturing of all aqueous products at United is processed by a DI-RO system. This water system has been validated to USP 35 for Purified Water. The water system is monitored daily and tested weekly for adherence to USP requirements and has the capacity to generate 30,000 gallons of water daily. The water system is an enclosed loop in constant circulation with UV lights and 4.2 micron filters, ensuring bacteria-free pharmaceutical grade water.

36 head FOGG rotary fill line for glass and plastic bottles ranging in size from 2 oz. to 1 gallon. Daily capacity is 20,000-30,000 units depending on size of bottle.

18 head in-line filler for glass and plastic bottles up to 32 oz. Daily capacity is 26,000 units.

8 head rotary filler with dedicated pasteurization system capable of hot filling glass bottles. This line is totally automated complete with auto filling, capping, coding, sleeving, cooling and pack out. Bottle size is 4 oz. to 16 oz. and daily capacity is 28,000-33,000 daily.

24 head totally automated shot line filling 2-3 oz. shots with daily capacity of 80,000 units.

12 head in-line filler handles 8 oz. to 16 oz. bottles with 25,000-unit daily capacity.

Each of these lines has the capacity to nitrogen purge, induction seal, automatic cap, and apply shrink sleeve or wrap labels. Hot fill, preservative free, Kosher, and organic products can also be filled on these lines. A current HACCP plan is in place at United in addition to the presence of multiple HACCP certified team members.

Film, form and seal liquid and gel packets in various sizes and shapes, capacity up to 550,000 units per day.


Two powder ribbon blenders to accommodate a range of order sizes.

Two powder assembly lines to fill all jar sizes up to 6 pounds and bags up to 12 pounds.

Five lane stick pack fill machine, 30 ml width with 240,000 unit daily capacity.

Film, form and seal powder packets in various sizes and shapes.

Each fill line, blender and stick pack machine is located in its own room with upgraded ventilation and air filtration systems.


Stainless steel kettles start at 80 gallons for pilot batches and various sizes up to 3,200 gallons.

Sweep agitation, propeller agitation, in-line colloid mills, and in-line homogenization.

Two Kalix 1100 tube fillers. Each Kalix is totally automated and can fill 50,000 8 oz. tubes daily. Capable of filling sizes from .25 oz. to 10 oz., and up to 2 inches in diameter.

Additional fill lines specializing in airless pumps, jar and bottles in various shapes and sizes with combined fill capacity of more than 100,000 units/day.

Several shrink and sleeve machines provide the option to pack-out individual items or kit variety products.

Automatic coding, labeling and sleeving.

Boutique aerosol filling equipment is designed in accordance with all safety requirements and is computerized. This line can accommodate both small and large runs up to 6,500 units daily and can fill aerosols from 4 oz. to 8 oz. All aerosol cans are subjected to testing as required by DOT. United is able to offer both true aerosols using a standard inventory of propellants or bag-on-valve. Aerosols are available with traditional spray dispensers or as mousse products. This area also has the ability to shrink sleeve or apply wrap labels.

Pharmaceutical-grade Water

United uses a sophisticated pharmaceutical-grade water system in all production processes, which enhances the taste profile and shelf life of its products. Water used during manufacturing of all aqueous products at United is processed by an in-house DI-RO system and has been validated to USP 35 for purified water. The water system is monitored daily and tested weekly for adherence to USP requirements. This value-added feature has substantial appeal to customers.

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